• David Raycroft

Modern marketing: Think Digital, Act Local

Digital Marketing doesn't need to be cold. Tell a story that inspires, engages and connects with your customers.

Small businesses have a distinct advantage over the Big Brands and National Chains. Over 55% of customers want to #shoplocal to keep their $$ in the community and connect with local creators. That means those consumers are also more interested in what you have to say.

As a Small Business Owner you can use this advantage on Social Media to create instant connections and tell spontaneous stories easily.

Here are 3 stories your consumers are excited to hear about:

1) Something New: Customers love to stay up to date on the latest trends and assortments coming into your shop. Did you just set up a beautiful display? Grab your phone and take a pic, share it to Instagram, Facebook or wherever your customers gather online.

2) Everybody loves a discount: Inspire your customers by sharing any promotions that are coming up or active. Encourage them to share to help amplify your message and increase visibility.

3) Make it Personal: Create that intimate connection that people love when they come into your store. What motivated you to get started? What are you loving in your shop right now? If you love what you do then let the world know one picture, one post and one promotion at a time.

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