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About Us

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Together We Thrive

Inspired by Crisis:

In Spring 2020, as the pandemic rolled across the country, small businesses everywhere closed their doors. While watching and waiting from home, we imagined a way to help. 

Designed for the Future:

BabbleBuy empowers everyone to find, endorse, and shop from small businesses. We make it super simple to get directly in touch them. With 1 click, you can immediately call, message, get directions or directly access the Biz web site. Everyone benefits by bringing lots of people together - customers find a bunch of new cool businesses, and the Biz, in turn, get access to new people.

Explore your neighborhood with the app, share and support your favorite places. Together, we can help our local, small businesses thrive.

Our Heart:

  • Be simple

  • Build community

  • Be kind

Paper Plane


We’ve been around a bit, in well-known brands, Fortune 100 companies and baby start-ups. As a result, we’ve lived through lots of business challenges. Our expertise varies from simple stuff like answering phones and shipping packages, to complicated things like designing brands, building technology solutions, and creating business strategy. We understand that success requires a lot of hard work, and we believe that BabbleBuy can make it more attainable for all small businesses.


Lisa Albani – Feeling frustrated, watching the world struggle from the sidelines, I wanted to find a way to help.  One day, on a call with my friend David, he shared that he felt the same drive.  Together, I knew we could create something that could make a difference. 

Our common retail background and our different skill sets blend well together. David’s technology knowledge meshes well with my experience with branding, operations, supply chain and finance. Together we imagined BabbleBuy.  


Chief BabbleBuilder

David Raycroft - Lisa could not have called at a better time. I had been dabbling away in my "Laboratory" working on a solution for my favorite comic shop. Ecommerce was not really an option for them as their assortment was based on offering one of a kind items. I wanted to create a digital solution that could help bridge the gap between small businesses and the online community. Checking with my friends at the store I said "I will make something easy to use." They Said, "Make it fun". And now we have BabbleBuy.

Wonder Team activated.  Building with passion, skills and experience!  We're happy to bring BabbleBuy to small businesses.

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