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A Taste of Asia

Enjoy all the complex flavors and styles on Asian cuisine.

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Check out our list of Asian restaurants around town.

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A Taste of Asia

Ah Fong Kitchen

B’un Bo Hue

Bánh Mì Nam Lộc

Beijing Hot Pot

Best Taste Chinese BBQ

BiBimBap House 3

Binh Minh Sandwiches

Bluefin Tuna & Sushi

Bun and Pho House

Cha Lua Deli

Chang Fa Market

Chinese Delicacy

Chungdam Korean Fusion

Frank’s Noodle House

Fujiyama Sushi Bar & Grill

HA & VL Vietnamese Noodles

Happy Dragon Chinese

Happy Teriyaki

Happy Teriyaki #1

K-Town Korean

Ka Te Restaurant & Bar

Kkoki Korean BBQ

Koji Osakaya

Kulfi, NE 15th

Kulfi, N williams ave

Kura Sushi

La’s: A Hmong Food Cart

Master Kong

Mei Sum Bakery

Namaste Indian Cuisine

Phin Caphe & Boba

Pho Oregon Restaurant

Pho Saigon Xua PDX

Pho Van 82nd

Pho Vietnam Restaurant

Sa Kong Dong

Saigon Market

Shun Fa Supermarket

Sushi Yumy & Chinese

Tan Sang Tropical Fruit

Thai Fresh

Thai Pod

Thien Hong

Tokyo-Ya Ramen

Yan Zi Lou

Yang Kee BBQ Noodle

Yau Shing Market

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