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Puppy Paradise

Check out our guide to find over 100 small businesses focused on your pup, including:  

  • Local Dog Parks

  • Pet Supplies

  • Grooming, Boarding and Vet Services

  • Dog friendly dining destinations

Portland loves pups!

BabbleBuy enjoys helping pups live happy and healthy lives.

Enter code PDXPUP to see the guide, or scroll through our list of Activities to find it.

The Oregon Humane Society provides adoption services, animal protection, veterinary services and training and education.   We are happy to partner with them to help pets and their owners around Portland


Show your support for OHS

  • Create post in BabbleBuy about your pup, and we'll donate $1 to the OHS.

    • Create a Buzz [+] in BabbleBuy of your Pup, and tag your favorite small business in BabbleBuy.

    • Share the post with your friends and family.

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