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A Cheesy way to a Great Day!

One of the joys of being part of BabbleBuy is discovering hidden gems right in our own back yard. One of those gems is the California Cheese Trail.

The California Cheese Trail is a guided tour of artisanal cheese makers all throughout California. We love exploring the trail as a compliment to wine tasting and have discovered amazing communities, cheese makers and delightful delicacies.

To add to an already exciting adventure BabbleBuy has partnered with the California Cheese Trail by creating a digital passport. By creating a buzz [+] when you visit a cheese maker not only do you create a personalized stamp to remember your visit by, you can earn a discount on a home delivery by collecting 3 stamps. Visit all of the stops in Marin and Sonoma Counties and you will win a free shipment from the California Cheese Trail Home Delivery.

Happiness is a stinky cheese, plan your first visit and be Happy!

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