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How to Use Fickle Social Media Trends for Lasting Business Benefits

Chasing trends isn't a great strategy for most businesses, but you should still watch for social media trends. When properly leveraged, they can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

  1. Be quick and simple: Hashtags and their trends are notoriously fickle. If you aren't in the conversation and creating your item in the moment, people will quickly forget and not care. 

  2. Be brand aware: That being said, don't jump on every trend and hope it may land. Many brands have made snafus in that area by aligning themselves with a hashtag they thought meant one thing but was actually saying something completely different. Consider keeping a list of the topics/brand messages handy so you can say, "How might this align with our message?" If you don't have a clear answer, hold off on posting that tweet.

  3. Understand the spirit: If it is a lighthearted joke on social, match that message. If it is a more serious hashtag, you don't want to be silly and look out of touch. 

This article from Inc. has more great examples

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