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It's Summer Time and the Livin' is Easy

Ahhh, summer time, when thoughts turn to sun, sand and surf, or whatever vibe you turn to, to slowdown, unplug and relax.

Oh yah, summer time means Vacation!

For me, my favorite part of taking a break is finally having the chance to read. A chance to kick back with a book, a proper paper book and feel the texture as I turn the pages and the words come to life.

Part of my per-vacation ritual is a trip to the local bookshop to gather my summer reading selections. Maybe something new, or an old favorite, or something I would not even have considered if it weren't for the unique selection and service that is only available from a independent store. That’s why I enjoy going to my local shop where the staff is willing and able to help me discover my next adventure.

This is why I am so excited to announce that BabbleBuy has partnered with the Venture Portland Events Hub to kick off the PDX Bookstore Challenge, a scavenger hunt of all the independent bookstores and libraries in Portland where you can discover and share your next great read.

  • Click Here to download BabbleBuy and get directed to the Bookstore & Library Guide.

  • Peruse the list of locations.

  • Visit your favorite and discover new stores.

  • Find a Portland Story, Book, Author, Theme, Etc. Take a selfie with or picture of the book and tag the biz in BabbleBuy.

  • Share your discovery with Friends, Family and Followers.

  • Get Entered to win Portland Swag.

  • Repeat for multiple chances to Win and a chance at the $200 valued Grand Prize

The Event Hub team at Venture Portland has done an amazing job bringing this awesome adventure to life and are a fantastic resource for enhancing and streamlining your PDX neighborhood events. You can follow them at:

@VenturePortland @EventsHubPortland

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