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Organic Instagram Strategies to Thrive during the Pandemic

With the pandemic and lockdowns, Social Media has emerged as a critical type of marketing. Done correctly, Social Media can represent your brand, speak with your customers directly and build you business.

If you are new to Social Media, Instagram is one of the best to start, since it's easy to grow organically.

Creativity and Consistency is the primary key

Instagram is a visual media, so spend some time and make sure you get that right. You don't have to spend a lot of time and money paying photographers. With a camera phone, you can get outstanding pics or video for your instagram account. Check out our photo tips here

Post regularly, and with a consistent type of message. Since this is a business strategy, create a plan and follow it. Don't post too much or too little, both will hurt you. For example, post once a day, every day. Taking a month off, will impact your instagram account.

Story driven content

Stories are powerful, particularly stories that hit the key emotions that can drive buying decisions. Stories that are human, on-brand and connect to your customer’s journey will win, every time. An example of a story-driven post is starting with the origin story of the company founder or talking about the company's growth and how the customers are chiefly responsible for that growth.every time.


Video, in general, engages at a higher rate, and for good reason. People like movement, and Instagram has become a new form of TV. Content creators and businesses often overthink how to approach video, but it all relates to storytelling. As long as there is a motive behind content and it’s creative, it will engage.

Instagram Stories - a peek behind the curtains

Although your Instagram feed should ideally have a level of curation to maintain a brand aesthetic, stories can be more impromptu. Use stories as an opportunity to show off your company story and behind-the-scenes activity. During the pandemic, people seek more human contact and authenticity than ever before, so keep it real with your audience in stories.

Hashtag Engagement

focus on targeted hashtags, both in your posts and in your interactions, and you'll begin to see results. Avoid the temptation to buy fake followers. It's easy to see they aren't real, because you won't have any likes or comments on your posts.

Use hashtags that are relevant to your business - your location, type of business, business name. In addition, begin tapping into hashtags by searching for people using hashtags that may connect to your ideal customer. If you find someone engaged with this content, comment on their posts, asks questions, even follow them.

Organic engagement a strategy that won’t ever die, as it requires actually talking

to people that fit your customer avatar versus resorting to desperate methods like buying followers.

The pandemic and its aftereffects are not going away before the end of this year. Likely the issues that businesses are experiencing now will continue. By adopting strategies that work and maintaining creativity and consistency, however, you can set yourself up for long term success that will last even beyond 2021.

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