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Technology should not be Scary

One of the things I found as I was building BabbleBuy was how many brilliant and creative business owners were afraid of technology.

"I'm not Technical"

"I don't have time to learn new tools"

"Why is a new system always so hard to use"

I get it, I spent much of my career teaching people much smarter than me how to use the latest and greatest tech to make their lives easier. To be honest, I didn't want to do it again. That is why one of the guiding principles behind BabbleBuy is to keep it simple.

How Simple? Instagram Easy.

Take a pic, give it a description that tells a story and publish it to all your favorite networks with one click. Wow, that's even easier than Instagram.

So the next time your feeling bogged down by too much tech, bust open BabbleBuy and have some fun. We promise it won't bite.

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