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What's for Dinner?

Dinner is one of my 3 favorite meals of the day, especially when I am meeting up with friends and family, but oh the struggle... How to decide, or even harder, agree upon the right cuisine to satisfy every taste.

With so many options Thai, Mexican, Burgers and let's not forget our vegetarian friends it can be impossible to come up with one option.

Well that is where your friendly neighborhood Food Cart Pod comes in to play. In the greater Portland area, there is no finer food cart pod than BG's Food Cartel in Beaverton, Or. With over 30 food carts and a permanent beer garden even the pickiest eaters will be satisfied.

Variety is the spice of life and for BG's Food Cartel that variety was causing a bit of heartburn. Food carts by their nature are mobile and come and go, hours change and customers always want to know what is new or special for the day.

BG's needed a solution that allowed them to keep their customers up to date, but that did not require significant maintenance. That's where BabbleBuy comes in.

The BabbleBuy Dynamic Directory allows BG's to update the current cart selection directly from their phone, no website or printing required. It also allows for the carts to easily keep their customers informed on Daily Specials, changes to hours and/or interactive promotions.

So the next time you ask yourself "What's for dinner?" check the BG's Food Cartel Dynamic Directory to see what's cooking tonight!

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